Our service: tips & tricks

We would like to offer you a special service with this site. Here you will find solutions the common manuals don’t always offer.


Assign new Level for Sketches

An existing Sketch can be copied into the buffer memory and after selecting the new plane it can be pasted as insertion using the RMB.

Exit Text Window

Simply click the LMB anywhere within the screen area to end the text input.

Remove display of Section Letters

To avoid the re-instatement of deleted section letters after an update, place them in No-Show.


By using the APPLY button in the Plot Window, the plot command remains active allowing you to send more sheets one after each other.

Getting Text from the Text Buffer

As with V4 the last 10 text entries can be retrieved from the text buffer. By using the Arrow “up” & “down” buttons it is possible to scroll through the text inserts.